Friday, 2 July 2010

Fashion TV Channel

I have decided to create a website for a fashion TV channel, simply because this is the type of channel that interests me most and I think that I will be able to complete it to the best of my ability as fashion is a topic that I am interested in. I also think that it will be the only channel that I will be able to finish to a level that would make the TV channel appear realistic. On the other hand I think that if I will complete a TV channel website such as channel four for instance I would not be able to complete it to a realisitic finish, due to the sheer possibilities of content. A fashion channel on the other hand does have a range of content, however, it is all focused and aimed around fashion in some sort of way.

Fashion TV Channel:

FTV-Some of Hyperlinks used:
Programme Guide
Videos and Clips
Fashion TV live (Live Streaming)
HD Channel
Fashion Articles
Fashion Report Blog
Top Designers
Top Models
Fashion Weeks

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