Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fashion Illustration

Above are some examples of fashion illustration that I have researched, including illustrations by famous illustrators David Downton an Danny Robberts who have produced works for the top fashion magazines such as

Whilst starting my newspaper advert I figured that I would need to take photographs, instead of using photos that already exist. After much debating I thought of many different ideas of what to take photos of, but I came to the conclusion that anyone that I would need to take photos of for my fashion channel would have to be a model, because obviously to advertise a fashion channel the people would need to look appropriate and have the right look etc.
  • Then I had an idea of using fashion illustration as the photo resource for my fashion channel advert. As i remembered that lots of fashion magazines and sometimes fashion blogs use fashion drawings/illustrations to advertise things.
  • So then I had to decide on what style of fashion illustration to create, I drew out a couple of different formats and ideas. I then looked through all my collections and old online archives of VOGUE and ELLE to gain inspiration. I then found a photograph from a designer campaign of a model with a hat and glasses on and I thought I should sketch it out to see what it looked like as I thought it was the sort of image that would appear timeless.
  • I then drew the image in pencil first, then I went over the outline in a black Biro to add more definition. I then took lots of different photographs of this drawing, so that I could transfer it onto the computer. Once it was on the computer, as I do not have photoshop at home I pasted one of the photographs that I liked onto Microsoft Word 2007. Then I used the picture editing toolbar to change and enhance my illustration; I experimented with many different formats.
  • In Microsoft 2007 there are also many different things when you can change the shape of the photograph and make it 3-D or create shadows of the image. I decided to make the illustration very bright and add some contrast in order to make it appear more defined. However the more contrast that I used the more definition was lost, this was probably due to the fact that the sketch was transfered to the computer by a camera, thus it was quite faint to start with.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Creating a newspaper advert for the channel:

One of my preliminary tasks is to create a newspaper article to advertise my fashion TV channel 'i heart'

When designing my advertisement I need to decide whether the newspaper is going to be printed in black and white only, or colour. Either choice will make a big impact on the overall appearance and effectiveness of the advert; if the advert is in colour it will easily capture people's attention, whereas if the advert is in black and white then then it will be harder, thus I will need to use better images and words in attempt to capture attention.

When I typed in fashion magazine advertisements into google, it only appeared with advertisements and campaigns for designers like this for instance :

I then typed in fashion channel advertisements, but nothing really appeared either. After much research I have acknowledged that from record there are no fashion TV advertisement that exist from a newspaper article. However instead of just simply not create a newspaper advertisement because of this reason I will still create one as I think that if the advertisement is placed in the right newspapers and roughly placed around the fashion/lifestyle part of the paper then it will effectively attract the correct attention and it will be worthwhile.

Now I need to decide on a type of image to include for the newspaper, I have decided that i could either combine images with fashion orientated sketches: or I could use fashion images that have been used before to create a montage of images, I could make a montage of fashion orientated images that have all been taken by me, or alternatively I could just merely use a logo on it's own perhaps with a caption or catch phrase.

If i use images I think that I need to use images that clearly address what the fashion channel is about, for instance because I am including a beauty section I will need to use photo's that suggest that my fashion channel is not just merely about fashion, but a whole range of fashion orientated things.

Here is a collection of images that I have gathered that I found inspiring:

From these images I am inspired by the images, the formats and just the appearance of the mood boards in general.
  • I will also need to think of a catch phrase/ satement or short caption to place in the advert, as I don't think that it will be very effective if images are only used.
  • I also need to decide on a size for the advertisement, if it takes up a whole page I think that it will definitely attract much more attention, whereas, if it only takes up a small amount of the page it will not be worth placing it in a newspaper, because it won't attract any attention.
  • I also need to decide on what software will be the best to make an effective advertisement.

I think that I will create an advertisement that will at least take up 1/4 of an A4 newsaper page, this will ensure that the newspaper article will attract the attention of people reading the paper.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

These are some examples of when I have experimented with different font styles using traditionalm fonts from word and fonts from I have experimented with the fact that different names often suite different fonts.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Deciding on a name for my website :

In order to decide on a font I think that I need to decide on a name for my website. I want the name to be fairly short, something that will be easy to type into a search engine, I also need it to be a name that is not used on lots of other websites, so that people can easily find it on a search engine, or be able to identify it. I also want the name to have a relation with fashion and because both VOGUE and ELLE are french names, I think it would look and sound more interesting to have a name that is french, or a name that has part french, part English in it. I have researched fashion phrases, however I then decided against this, as I think it would be far too long and I think it is far more practical to have one single word as opposed to a few words.

Converting English fashion orientated words into french:

fashion -la mode, Vougue, chic
fashionable-la mode
in fashion - à la mode
I love fashion-J'adore la mode
super stylish- super stylé
that is chic-C'est chic

Converting English fashion orientated words into Italian:

fashionable-alla moda
in fashion-nella moda
mode-fashion in a multiple of countries

Name possibilities :

moda- mode
a la fashion
le fashion

la-modetv: This could be a fairly successful option

modatv: I think that this would be an appropriate option as it is both simple, yet slightly different, although I have found out that there is already currently a fashion tv channel called
tvmoda therefore I think they sound too similar, becasue they serve the same purpose people would get confused.

fashiontv -I think that this is far too simplicit and it is too alike to fashiontv and world fashiontv for instance.

I think that due to the originality of adding TV to the end of the domain name it would be better if I just literally omitted the TV part and simply used the name on it's own e.t.c. :

Or perhaps instead of putting TV after the name I could put 'channel' before the name instead, for example

Which of the following names do you think would be most appropriate for a fashion TV channel website (please Circle ONE answer only):

1. moda- mode
2. mode-moda
3. a la fashion
4.super stylé
5. mode
7. Channelmoda
8. Channelmode
9.C'est chic TV
10.Channel C'est Chic
11. Channel Fashionista
12. I heart mode
13. I <3 mode TV
14. I <3 . . .
15.J'adore fashion
16. J 'adore la mode

Out of all the following name options in my questionnaire I found that number eight was the most popular choice, I also think that this is a suitable option, as it clearly suggests that it is a channel and I also like the combination of a french word with an English word. I searched for this particular domain name on an official website and I found that it was available with lots of possible endings I think that would be the most appropriate as I am only making this TV channel as an English channel, not an international channel like 'WorldfashionTV' .

Although I think that it is a good name I have also acknowledged when asking people what they thought of it that the name without correct identity, or without people who know what it means could assume it to be a channel for a mode of something, instead of a fashion channel. Therefore I may decide on another name, or I may make sure that when selecting the font for the website I shall use a font that definitely emphasises the fact that it is a fashion channel. As an advantage I also think that the name 'channel mode' doesn't sound too flowery and thus it will be suitable for both male and female gender, likewise to the other fashion TV channels.

I have concluded from my research that I am going to name my fashion channel I heart. I feel that this name is broad with alot of opportunity to draw from, it is sophisticated and ambiguous as it does not difectly state that it is a fashion channel in the name. I have also aknowledged that I could then create hyperlinks that say ... I heart beauty etc.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Deciding on a font:

From the results of my questionnaire I have found out that the majority of people think that it looks better when a website has different colours and sizes of font for hyperlinks. Therefore I have decided that because I need to decide on a font style I will choose a small selection of fonts that I like and then I will create a survey to decide on a final font. I have decided that whichever font I choose, that it will have to be legible and fairly easy to read, it also needs to be recognisable so that the TV channel can be instantly recognised. For instance a font like 'Jokerman' would not be particularly suitable as I feel it looks a little tacky and it is hard to read, as some letters are not recognisable. I also have to take into consideration the types of font that are available on the software that I am using to make my website. I have found out that all the fonts that are available on the software that I am going to use are the same fonts that are found on microsoft word, therefore I do not have to worry about selecting a font that will be invalid.

I also think that the type of font that I will use will depend on the name of my fashion TV channel, as I think that different names will suite different styles of font.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Questionaire regarding the fashion TV channels

1. Have you ever watched a fashion TV channel? (Please circle either YES or NO)

2. If yes then please state a reason why


3. If you were creating a fashion TV channel of your own, which of the following types of shows would you want to include in the playlist? (Please Circle any that are valid, and state any others if possible)

1. Programme that focus on particular designers: designers that are braking through as well as designers that have are renowned names in the industry
2. Fashion week coverage of all the different shows
3. Red carpet event coverage
4. Coverage of the latest models and top models etc.
5. Make-up/beauty tutorials
6. Celebrity style files (featuring exclusive access to a particular celebrities’ wardrobe)
7. Gossip Girl
8. The Hills
9. The City
10. Project Runway
11. Project Catwalk
12. ANTM (America’s next top model)
13. BNTM (Britain’s next top model)


4. When searching for a website do you prefer a website that has a simple domain name as opposed to a long domain name that is hard to remember? (Please circle either YES or NO only)

5. Which of the following colour schemes do you think is the most appropriate for a fashion TV channel website?

- A neutral colour scheme (featuring unisex colours such as grey)

- A colour scheme with bright colours

- A colour scheme that consists of one single colour background and one single colour for the font/text

- A colour scheme that is specifically aimed at one single gender (e.g. Blue for males)

6. Do you think a website looks better with one single font throughout or a range of different fonts? (Please circle either SINGLE FONT or MIXED FONT)

Single font Mixed Font

7. Do you think websites look better when they have different colour and size for hyperlinks? (Please circle either YES or NO)

8. How often if any do you look at fashion websites on a weekly basis? (Please Circle one option only)

0 0-5 5-10 10+

9. When looking at websites frequently, do you prefer it when the website is frequently updated ? (please circle either YES or NO)