Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Researching for the 2-page spread in a listings magazine:

From this chart that I found I been able to achieve knowledge of information that will help me to create a two-page spread for my listings magazine. I have found that the amount of listings per magazines ranges from 70-42, therefore I realise that my two page spread definitely needs to stand out. The amount of channels included is also incredibly high, which makes the competition for channels to stand out considerably higher and more competative.

  • My spread will have to include a detailed description of what the TV channel is actually about, but it will need to be written in a way that sort of persuades people to watch it. It should make the reader want to watch the channel

  • I should include a list of the range of programmes to be aired on the channel

  • The spread shoulkd be aimed at my target audience in order to keep the information relevant"well educated, successful and dynamic people. Opinion leaders, high earners, trend setters" (Fashion TV)

  • I could perhaps include a table of programme listings for the TV channel, that will inform people of what is going to be broadcast on the channel over the next week. In this case I will have to create a table with time slots and programmes that I will organise into specific time slots . For the best programmes I could include a brief synopsis on each, or alternatively I could pick a couple of programmes to elabourate on further, placing a photo from the programme with a brief piece of writting about it (very similar to a 'Pick of the Day' in newspaper TV Guides.

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