Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Newspaper advertisement proposals

  • Here are some of the design proposals for my newspaper advertisement to advertise my fashion TV channel. I experimented with different types of formats, fonts and colours in order to create different advertisements. On some of the advert proposals above I have included my own font, that I drew along with the sketch then photographed it and uploaded it onto the computer. However I don't think that this font looks very effective and I ahve decided against using it again. I have used the same font for all the information throughout, after experimenting with a few different styles of font I decided to use this particular font as I think it looks simple, yet professional and it is easy to read as well which helps a lot.
  • I think that the design proposals without colour and shapes look better than the colourful proposals, as I think that the colour added with the shape of a heart looks a little tacky and messy. However, newspaper adverts will attract much more attention when colours are used, but it would be cheaper in a business situation to use no colours, but in the long run it may prove to cost more as using colour, means more attention and more attention means more money for the company.
  • I like the first proposal best, because I think it looks sophisticated and the splash of colour used for the font adds an eye catching detail.

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