Monday, 13 December 2010

For the website I understand that I need to include a minimum of three hyperlinked pages, but in my website I have included a possible 7 hyperlinked pages. I have realised there are some categories that I will find hard to make look realistic, due to the fact that I will need to take extremely realistic photos. In order to progress further in my website at the moment I feel that I need to narrow my selection down now and choose three or four out of the 7 hyperlinks to decide on.
  • For the Beauty page I don't think it would be too hard to make images look realistic. I could take photo's of people eyes with different styles of make-up to create different online tutorials of how to recreate a certain look
  • Fashion week: I think that this would be fairly difficult to make it appear realistic, due to the fact that the photographs that I would need to attend an actual fashion event like London Fashion Week to capture the right footage and images . The fashion week page would also need to feature all collections ahead of the current season, so if it was winter for instance the s/s collections for the next year would need to be on display. From my research I know that websites such as ELLE and VOGUE mostly include images taken on the catwalk and I think that to get these types of pictures i will need to organise an a catwalk event,l something that given with the time provided and the minimal budget I have is more or less impossible. Therefore I have decided that it will probably be best if I don't include this page as one of my hyperlinked pages.
  • Events: Similarly to the fashion week page the events page would need to include images from fashion events and some general events, however, these events are exclusive and I would not be able to access one to get photos.
  • Designers: Fashion websites usually include look books of all current and previous collections from each designer in a database / list . I think this page could work as long as I chose original images that are appropriate. I could also include some quirky details such as famous quotes by specific designers e.g. "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

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