Monday, 6 December 2010

Ideas for producing original images for my fashion channel website

Due top the fact that I have to include origninal images I have found it difficult of things to take photos of that will suitable for a fashion TV channel. I looked at fashion magazines for inspiration on different types of photos/images that I could include and I was drawn to images of jewellery shot in many different, often unexpected ways. For instance in a December addition of VOGUE a whole wintery scene had been created from newspaper by an artist and then the jewellery was selected on a theme and placed imaginatively into the setting. I really liked this idea in particular, because I think the way the jewellery was shot was really unique and different to anything I had seen before. I think that if I were able to achieve photographs even remotely like these photographs, that it would provide an excellent opportunity for me to demonstrate some photography skills and these sorts of images would be really ideal for the fashion channel.

I also found other inspiring images such as:

  • vintage style watches that were photographed in pretty floral vintage style tea cups / tea sets, jewellery with different brightly coloured backgrounds.

  • One that I particularly liked was a photographs of jewellery that was placed with a separate background of the jewellery taken quickly so it forms a blurry shot that captures all sparkling pieces of light. I thought that I would quite like to create something like this, however I think to create a series of photographs like this and make them look classy would be very difficult as the blurred backdrop could appear a little tacky.

  • Although this image from the Asos magazine is not of jewellery, I liked the way that the photograph is very simple, yet effective. I thought it was interesting that the photographer thought that the clothes would look very effective on their own and didn't require a model to be photographed wearing them. I also like the use of unusual props, such as a an old antique screen and an old battered briefcase and I think that rather than distract from the clothes. The props help to sort of achieve a mise-en scene in a way, as the props all add to the vintage appearance of the clothes.

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