Friday, 10 December 2010

--Pinhole setting
---fish eye image

Whilst taking photographs of the jewellery I experimented with many different effects on my camera, some of which I didn't even know existed. These techniques included a fish eye setting,pinhole setting ( which highlights a specific part of the photograph with a spotlight), sketching setting.

fish eye setting : I think that this is definitely a good setting, however, I think that for a series of jewellery photographs that the fish eye setting would not be appropriate due to the fact that the generally in jewellery photos the jewellery needs to be displayed in a clear way, so that it is easily viewed by potential customers. I think that in a series of photographs that perhaps one fish eye shot would look appropriate as long as the jewellery included within the shot was in another photograph so that it could be clearly seen.

Pinhole setting: I have experimented with this setting and I liked the way that it can illuminate the jewellery. I positioned the jewellery with the pieces that I wanted to highlight the most situated in the middle, then when I captured the shot the jewellery became highlighted in the middle with the colour fading out towards the ends/edges of the photo. I think this effect was good for making specific pieces of jewellery stand out to the customer.

The sketching setting: I tried the sketching setting on the camera, however I am not planning on using this due to the fact that the contrast and brightness is so different that you cannot even see the main outlines/ forms of the jewellery.

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