Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Researching the font styles and types used :


The Vogue logo often appears different depending on what it is used for, for example the website logo is different to the logo for the magazine and the magazine logo changes colour depending on the style of the front cover. Eventhougth the colour is changed many times the font often stays the same, it is clear and simple, yet bold and always in capitals, whcih helps to make it stand out more.

Likewise to the VOGUE logo , ELLE also being a magazine as well as having a website has a font where the colour is changed for use on the frontcover of the magazine, but the font style is kept the same.

The logos for Ftv and World Fashion Tv on the other hand don't change colour or font style, probably because they do not have other parts of the buisness, such as magazines etc. Both these fonts are fairly basic and plain, with the use of a monochrome colour scheme that keeps the logo looking formal. Eventhough, perhaps these logos are more relevant, as they are specifically for fashion websites I actually prefer the logos for the fashion websites, the font looks more appleaing and I think that the way the company uses different colours makes the logo more memorable and thus effective.
Overall I think that a legable font written in capitals is the best choice as it definitely stands out much more.

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