Friday, 24 September 2010

Possibilities for the name of my TV channel website:

Current fashion TV channel website names :

Fashion TV
World fashion TV
Fashion Television

All of which are very simple names that clearly mean what they suggest, however or my fashion channel website I don't really want to use a name that is so simple as i think it maybe a bit expected and mundane.

Fashion Website names:

ELLE: A word meaning she in French

VOGUE: Is a word associated with fashion, meaning something in fashion at a particular time Eventhough this is a rather simple name I think that it is fairly effective, because it describes exactly what it contains.

These names are also simple,yet they are all a little more inventive, so in my oppinion they make the website seem more interesting. Because they are all fairly short the names are much more memorable as than, for example a long catch phrase or name,a short name also allows the domain name and hyperlink to be shortened, thus it would cost a bit less if the website was actually up and running .

When searching for a name to see if it is available if I were actually creating this TV channel website for an actual real life channel I would have to enter my desitred domain name into an official site and see if that particualr domain name is available, then if it is available I would have to pay for it in order to secure the name as an official we address. I found a website that does exactly this :

The best domain endings are .com and and they are definitely the most popular, thus the most likely to be choosen, obviously there are other endings available, but if setting up a website for a TV channel for instance, I believe it is important for the ending to be a significant one. If the domain ending is not a popular one then when people type in the name of the TV channel in a search engine then they may not click on the right one or, it may take them a long time to find it, then unless they save it as a favourite, then they be put off by the fact that they have to trapse through numerous search pages to find the site.

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