Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What to definitely include on my fashion channel website :

I have researched a range of hyperlinks (things) that are displayed on most fashion channel websites in order to decide what hyperlinks I will have to definitely use in order for my website to be realistic enough.

Programmes: A list of all the different programmes is displayed, the programmes have a brief summary underneath them along with a few photos from the programme.

Improvement : In my own website I could make a programme list that is hyperlinked, therefore then when then programme is clicked on it would leeds you to another page with more details and extra information about the programme. I could even add more hyperlinks to the page with backstage footage and photo books from each programme.

Playlist (displaying the different time slots and what is going to played at that time). The playlist usually displays the current week and the next week, where a calendar-like chart is used for the user to select a specific day.

Both a Playlist and a Programme Information block are the two mandatory hyperlinks, there are others that are important, however they are not as necessary/vital.

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