Monday, 20 September 2010

Researching into colour schemes of fashion websites:

FTV: The colour scheme is just simply plain white, it is very simple, yet quite effective obviously a wise choice as the website is aimed at a both male and female.

The font is a basic clear font in a medium grey

World fashion TV: The colour scheme is of different shades of grey

The font varies from light grey to white for the main Hyperlink list

This colour scheme is also grey, the background is a mixture of different shapes of grey

The font is basic and is a medium grey colour
The main hyperlinks are each a different colour.
Fusica pink is used to highlight some of the hyperlinks on the homepage

I think this combination of greys and pinks works quite well together as the fusica really stands out against the grey, I also like the fact that the main hyperlinks are different coloured .

VOGUE: (TV channel)
The background is a brown/yellow ochre
The colour scheme is dark grey, light grey and white

The main hyperlink menu is medium grey and some of the hyperlinks are red and the "Subscribe Now" text at the top of the page is fusica like the font in ELLE

The Main appearance of the VOGUE website is different to the TV channel hyperlinked page,border is a very light grey and the background is white and the font depending on It's relevance is either dark grey, black or red.

From this research of four websites I have discovered that most of them have a neutral toned background, mostly different shades of grey are used which really helps to accentuate text when the font is fusica or phone-box red. The use of neutral colours ensures that the websites are kept sophisticated, formal and unisex. Then the use of coloured font, such as fusica injects a bit of fun into the design.

On each website depending on the relevance and significance of the text the size, colour and font may be different. For example the most relevant stories, or features will often be in a large font, sometimes in capitals, the colour will also differ depending on the iumportance of the

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