Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fashion Illustration

Above are some examples of fashion illustration that I have researched, including illustrations by famous illustrators David Downton an Danny Robberts who have produced works for the top fashion magazines such as

Whilst starting my newspaper advert I figured that I would need to take photographs, instead of using photos that already exist. After much debating I thought of many different ideas of what to take photos of, but I came to the conclusion that anyone that I would need to take photos of for my fashion channel would have to be a model, because obviously to advertise a fashion channel the people would need to look appropriate and have the right look etc.
  • Then I had an idea of using fashion illustration as the photo resource for my fashion channel advert. As i remembered that lots of fashion magazines and sometimes fashion blogs use fashion drawings/illustrations to advertise things.
  • So then I had to decide on what style of fashion illustration to create, I drew out a couple of different formats and ideas. I then looked through all my collections and old online archives of VOGUE and ELLE to gain inspiration. I then found a photograph from a designer campaign of a model with a hat and glasses on and I thought I should sketch it out to see what it looked like as I thought it was the sort of image that would appear timeless.
  • I then drew the image in pencil first, then I went over the outline in a black Biro to add more definition. I then took lots of different photographs of this drawing, so that I could transfer it onto the computer. Once it was on the computer, as I do not have photoshop at home I pasted one of the photographs that I liked onto Microsoft Word 2007. Then I used the picture editing toolbar to change and enhance my illustration; I experimented with many different formats.
  • In Microsoft 2007 there are also many different things when you can change the shape of the photograph and make it 3-D or create shadows of the image. I decided to make the illustration very bright and add some contrast in order to make it appear more defined. However the more contrast that I used the more definition was lost, this was probably due to the fact that the sketch was transfered to the computer by a camera, thus it was quite faint to start with.

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