Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Postponed blogging

  • I have not posted any blogs for a while due to the fact that it was the Christmas holidays. I also had three different portfolio's to create for university, which unfortunately took up allot of my time. I am also slightly behind schedule, I had previously took lots of jewellery photos using many different techniques/ using different settings on my camera, such as a fish eye setting, a pinhole setting and a sketching setting. My plan was to edit these photographs during this week ready to place them onto my website in the following weeks. However, due to the fact that I needed the images for my portfolio to be of a particular DPI I was experimenting with different formats on my camera and then accidentally deleted all the photos on my memory card.
  • Unfortunately I did not save any of these images, therefore i am having to start again from the beginning.
  • The only potential good thing about this situation is that perhaps with the benefit of hindsight I have the advantage of potentially taking better photos the second time around.

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