Friday, 21 January 2011

Schedule update:

Now currently with just four weeks to go I am slightly worrying about finishing my product on time.
  • I have now completed the newspaper advertisement
  • I have made a start on the two page spread for a listings magazine
  • I am in the process of creating my website

Newspaper Advertisement: I just need to check the newspaper advertisement and then upload it onto my blog under the name of final newspaper advertisement.

Two page spread for a listings magazine: I need to finish this off by completing the text and adding the images, then I will proof read it check it and finally print screen it or save it as a picture then upload it onto here

Website for the TV channel with minimum of 3 hyperlinked pages: I currently have three different hyperlinked pages, all of which are unfinished. I have sorted out the layout, logos and links e.t.c, however, I now need to add original images and text.

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