Friday, 4 February 2011

Changes in the design of my website

My original aim was to create the website with a grey colour scheme with some bright fuscia pink font, however I completed this and my website just didn't look professional enough. I then made the decision to experiment with different backgrounds e.t.c. I went for a white background with a few grey boarders to brake up the white. As soon as I changed this I was happy with the result and I definitely think that my website looks much more professional with this colour scheme; it allows the writting, photo's and links to stand out and be read with ease. I have added splashes of colour to liven up some of the links.

I have also slightly altered the page links so that they are now a more subtle grey, but I have kept the font so that it turns fuscia when clicked on and the the subpages so that the font still turns lime green.

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