Monday, 7 February 2011

Images that I have not taken myself:

I realise that part of the task that I have choosen is to only use original images, video and audio extract. But as I am creating a website for a fashion TV channel, I have struggled with finiding ways to produce images, that are appropraite for the pages such as DESIGNERS, FASHION WEEK e.t.c. As these two particular pages are very difficult to take photo's for, most obviously because I do not have any access to actual Designer's so I cannot take portraits of them or their collections (a task which would literally be impossible). FASHION WEEK is also an extremely difficult topic to take photos for, due to the fact that again I do not have access to fashion week, therefore to resolve this I have decided to take jewellery photo's for the fashion week page, which I have accompanied with some text claiming that they are the new trends from the s/S'11 Shows. I have not found a way to combat the Designer photo problem without using existing images, so I have used four photographs of either the designer's themselves, their work or their shows. I have only used these images for the new talent section of my site. I did think about also using images from the internet for the established designer page, however I decided against this as I didn't want to get lots of marks deducted for using too many images that are not original.

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