Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Listings Magazine

-1st page

- 2nd Page

This is my final Design for my 2-page spread focusing on the channels launch (for a listings magazine). I have displayed it fully below, however due to the image size restrictions on blogger I have had to printscreen and save smaller sections of the pages so that the writting can be read easily on this blog.

The writting that I have used for the main bulk of the article is also what I have wrote on my Welcome page for my channel, however I have altered the words slightly so it is more suitable for the channels launch.

  • I have also included a small list of all the programmes to be shown on the channel

  • A small piece of information about the designer files programme

  • And a quote that I made up by Alexandra Shulman (editor of British Vogue)

I have kept the colours true to the ones that I have used on my website: fuscia pink, mid grey, black and white. I have also included images that I have included on my website, which I think is a good idea as then all of my media work looks slightly similar and linked together.

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