Monday, 4 October 2010

Questionaire regarding the fashion TV channels

1. Have you ever watched a fashion TV channel? (Please circle either YES or NO)

2. If yes then please state a reason why


3. If you were creating a fashion TV channel of your own, which of the following types of shows would you want to include in the playlist? (Please Circle any that are valid, and state any others if possible)

1. Programme that focus on particular designers: designers that are braking through as well as designers that have are renowned names in the industry
2. Fashion week coverage of all the different shows
3. Red carpet event coverage
4. Coverage of the latest models and top models etc.
5. Make-up/beauty tutorials
6. Celebrity style files (featuring exclusive access to a particular celebrities’ wardrobe)
7. Gossip Girl
8. The Hills
9. The City
10. Project Runway
11. Project Catwalk
12. ANTM (America’s next top model)
13. BNTM (Britain’s next top model)


4. When searching for a website do you prefer a website that has a simple domain name as opposed to a long domain name that is hard to remember? (Please circle either YES or NO only)

5. Which of the following colour schemes do you think is the most appropriate for a fashion TV channel website?

- A neutral colour scheme (featuring unisex colours such as grey)

- A colour scheme with bright colours

- A colour scheme that consists of one single colour background and one single colour for the font/text

- A colour scheme that is specifically aimed at one single gender (e.g. Blue for males)

6. Do you think a website looks better with one single font throughout or a range of different fonts? (Please circle either SINGLE FONT or MIXED FONT)

Single font Mixed Font

7. Do you think websites look better when they have different colour and size for hyperlinks? (Please circle either YES or NO)

8. How often if any do you look at fashion websites on a weekly basis? (Please Circle one option only)

0 0-5 5-10 10+

9. When looking at websites frequently, do you prefer it when the website is frequently updated ? (please circle either YES or NO)

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