Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Deciding on a font:

From the results of my questionnaire I have found out that the majority of people think that it looks better when a website has different colours and sizes of font for hyperlinks. Therefore I have decided that because I need to decide on a font style I will choose a small selection of fonts that I like and then I will create a survey to decide on a final font. I have decided that whichever font I choose, that it will have to be legible and fairly easy to read, it also needs to be recognisable so that the TV channel can be instantly recognised. For instance a font like 'Jokerman' would not be particularly suitable as I feel it looks a little tacky and it is hard to read, as some letters are not recognisable. I also have to take into consideration the types of font that are available on the software that I am using to make my website. I have found out that all the fonts that are available on the software that I am going to use are the same fonts that are found on microsoft word, therefore I do not have to worry about selecting a font that will be invalid.

I also think that the type of font that I will use will depend on the name of my fashion TV channel, as I think that different names will suite different styles of font.

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