Friday, 15 October 2010

Creating a newspaper advert for the channel:

One of my preliminary tasks is to create a newspaper article to advertise my fashion TV channel 'i heart'

When designing my advertisement I need to decide whether the newspaper is going to be printed in black and white only, or colour. Either choice will make a big impact on the overall appearance and effectiveness of the advert; if the advert is in colour it will easily capture people's attention, whereas if the advert is in black and white then then it will be harder, thus I will need to use better images and words in attempt to capture attention.

When I typed in fashion magazine advertisements into google, it only appeared with advertisements and campaigns for designers like this for instance :

I then typed in fashion channel advertisements, but nothing really appeared either. After much research I have acknowledged that from record there are no fashion TV advertisement that exist from a newspaper article. However instead of just simply not create a newspaper advertisement because of this reason I will still create one as I think that if the advertisement is placed in the right newspapers and roughly placed around the fashion/lifestyle part of the paper then it will effectively attract the correct attention and it will be worthwhile.

Now I need to decide on a type of image to include for the newspaper, I have decided that i could either combine images with fashion orientated sketches: or I could use fashion images that have been used before to create a montage of images, I could make a montage of fashion orientated images that have all been taken by me, or alternatively I could just merely use a logo on it's own perhaps with a caption or catch phrase.

If i use images I think that I need to use images that clearly address what the fashion channel is about, for instance because I am including a beauty section I will need to use photo's that suggest that my fashion channel is not just merely about fashion, but a whole range of fashion orientated things.

Here is a collection of images that I have gathered that I found inspiring:

From these images I am inspired by the images, the formats and just the appearance of the mood boards in general.
  • I will also need to think of a catch phrase/ satement or short caption to place in the advert, as I don't think that it will be very effective if images are only used.
  • I also need to decide on a size for the advertisement, if it takes up a whole page I think that it will definitely attract much more attention, whereas, if it only takes up a small amount of the page it will not be worth placing it in a newspaper, because it won't attract any attention.
  • I also need to decide on what software will be the best to make an effective advertisement.

I think that I will create an advertisement that will at least take up 1/4 of an A4 newsaper page, this will ensure that the newspaper article will attract the attention of people reading the paper.

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