Friday, 8 October 2010

Deciding on a name for my website :

In order to decide on a font I think that I need to decide on a name for my website. I want the name to be fairly short, something that will be easy to type into a search engine, I also need it to be a name that is not used on lots of other websites, so that people can easily find it on a search engine, or be able to identify it. I also want the name to have a relation with fashion and because both VOGUE and ELLE are french names, I think it would look and sound more interesting to have a name that is french, or a name that has part french, part English in it. I have researched fashion phrases, however I then decided against this, as I think it would be far too long and I think it is far more practical to have one single word as opposed to a few words.

Converting English fashion orientated words into french:

fashion -la mode, Vougue, chic
fashionable-la mode
in fashion - à la mode
I love fashion-J'adore la mode
super stylish- super stylé
that is chic-C'est chic

Converting English fashion orientated words into Italian:

fashionable-alla moda
in fashion-nella moda
mode-fashion in a multiple of countries

Name possibilities :

moda- mode
a la fashion
le fashion

la-modetv: This could be a fairly successful option

modatv: I think that this would be an appropriate option as it is both simple, yet slightly different, although I have found out that there is already currently a fashion tv channel called
tvmoda therefore I think they sound too similar, becasue they serve the same purpose people would get confused.

fashiontv -I think that this is far too simplicit and it is too alike to fashiontv and world fashiontv for instance.

I think that due to the originality of adding TV to the end of the domain name it would be better if I just literally omitted the TV part and simply used the name on it's own e.t.c. :

Or perhaps instead of putting TV after the name I could put 'channel' before the name instead, for example

Which of the following names do you think would be most appropriate for a fashion TV channel website (please Circle ONE answer only):

1. moda- mode
2. mode-moda
3. a la fashion
4.super stylé
5. mode
7. Channelmoda
8. Channelmode
9.C'est chic TV
10.Channel C'est Chic
11. Channel Fashionista
12. I heart mode
13. I <3 mode TV
14. I <3 . . .
15.J'adore fashion
16. J 'adore la mode

Out of all the following name options in my questionnaire I found that number eight was the most popular choice, I also think that this is a suitable option, as it clearly suggests that it is a channel and I also like the combination of a french word with an English word. I searched for this particular domain name on an official website and I found that it was available with lots of possible endings I think that would be the most appropriate as I am only making this TV channel as an English channel, not an international channel like 'WorldfashionTV' .

Although I think that it is a good name I have also acknowledged when asking people what they thought of it that the name without correct identity, or without people who know what it means could assume it to be a channel for a mode of something, instead of a fashion channel. Therefore I may decide on another name, or I may make sure that when selecting the font for the website I shall use a font that definitely emphasises the fact that it is a fashion channel. As an advantage I also think that the name 'channel mode' doesn't sound too flowery and thus it will be suitable for both male and female gender, likewise to the other fashion TV channels.

I have concluded from my research that I am going to name my fashion channel I heart. I feel that this name is broad with alot of opportunity to draw from, it is sophisticated and ambiguous as it does not difectly state that it is a fashion channel in the name. I have also aknowledged that I could then create hyperlinks that say ... I heart beauty etc.

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